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Waseda University degree, Waseda University diploma, Waseda University certificate, 早稻田大学毕业证,
Waseda University degree, Waseda University diploma, Waseda University certificate, 早稻田大学毕业证,

Waseda University is a private, independent research university in central Tokyo, founded in 1882 by Shigenobu Okuma, once prime minister and regarded as the father of Japanese modernization. How to order a fake Waseda University degree, buy a Waseda University diploma, fake Waseda University certificate, fake Japan degree, 购买早稻田大学毕业证.

Waseda is one of the most prestigious universities in Japan. Comprised of thirteen undergraduate and twenty graduate schools, Waseda offers varied and dynamic curricula that cover many areas of the social and natural sciences, liberal arts and engineering. Waseda has around 51,000 students and 6,000 faculty members across eight campuses, four of which are located in central Tokyo.

In addition to this, Waseda is currently accommodating over 7, 200 international students – the  most of any Japanese university. Our worldwide network has expanded to include 806 institutions in 92 countries and regions, enabling us to exchange personnel and promote cooperation in research and education. Furthermore, we offer a number of double degree (dual or joint degree) programs along with our partner universities, including the U21 members. The University provides a wide range of opportunities, such as hundreds of study abroad programs, to help students develop cultural sensitivity and a global perspective that transcends the boundaries of nationality, language and culture.

Waseda has a large number of alumni, over 610,000 worldwide, and is known for our distinguished graduates not only in Japanese business and political circles but all over the world. Waseda graduates are very active and influential in such fields as politics, law, journalism and media, as well as art and sports. So far, seven of Japan’s prime ministers have been Waseda alumni. Many of our alumni are also excellent entrepreneurs, contributing to scientific breakthroughs and creating globally prestigious firms, as well as leading top multinational companies as presidents and CEOs.