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The University of Auckland began as a constituent of the University of New Zealand, founded on 23 May 1883 as Auckland University College. Stewardship of the University during its establishment period was the responsibility of John Chapman Andrew (Vice Chancellor of the University of New Zealand 1885–1903). Housed in a disused courthouse and jail, it started out with 95 students and 4 teaching staff: Frederick Douglas Brown, professor of chemistry (London and Oxford); Algernon Phillips Withiel Thomas, professor of natural sciences (Oxford); Thomas George Tucker, professor of classics (Cambridge); and George Francis Walker, professor of mathematics (Cambridge). Where to get a fake University of Auckland diploma, replica University of Auckland degree, buy a false University of Auckland certificate, buy a fake New Zealand diploma.

By 1901, student numbers had risen to 156; the majority of these students were training towards being law clerks or teachers and were enrolled part-time. From 1905 onwards, an increasing number of students enrolled in commerce studies.

The University conducted little research until the 1930s, when there was a spike in interest in academic research during the Depression. buy degree online, buy bachelor degree, buy a degree, buy a diploma, fake certificate maker, buy fake diploma, buy online diploma, buy college diploma, buy fake degree, fake college degree, fake college diploma, fake degree certificate, fake transcript, fake diploma maker, buy fake diploma and transcript, how to buy a diploma online. At this point, the college’s executive council issued several resolutions in favour of academic freedom after the controversial dismissal of John Beaglehole (allegedly for a letter to a newspaper where he publicly defended the right of communists to distribute their literature), which helped encourage the college’s growth.