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Founded in 1868, the Whitewater campus is the second oldest and has the  third largest enrolment figures in the University of Wisconsin complex. The city of Whitewater itself is located in the states southeast region, and is a one hour drive from either Chicago, Milwaukee,or Madison. How to make a fake University of Wisconsin–Whitewater diploma, buy fake University of Wisconsin–Whitewater degree, fake UW-Whitewater certificate, buy fake Wisconsin certificate.

Undergraduate study at Whitewater is divided between four colleges; Arts & Communications, Business & Economics, Education & Professional Studies, and Letters & Sciences. In total 48 undergraduate degree, 12 master’s, a specialist degree in Education, and a Doctorate of Business Administration.

The Conner University Centre at the heart of Whitewater’s campus contains an art gallery and a stage for live events, and artistic performances are also hosted at the Young Auditorium. The north east section of the campus is a dedicated nature reserve, as part of UW’s commitment to sustainability and ecological studies.

Athletics teams are known as the Warhawks, and compete in the NCAA Division III. There are a total of nine men’s sports programmes and eleven women’s, including bowling, golf, and volleyball. American football is played at Perkins Stadium, which in 2016 broke a Division III attendance record when 17,535 fans watched the Warhawks defeat UW Oshkosh.

The student newspaper is known as The Royal Purple, which is an official colour of the university. Another student run project is Jitters Coffee Lounge, which started as an artistic meeting place in 1997 and has since expanded into a vibrant community hub.