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The University of Wisconsin-Superior announced Tuesday it’s suspending 25 programs, including 9 majors, 15 minors and one graduate program. The university has now suspended 40 programs since 2014. The announcement surprised faculty, some of whom said they were unaware their programs were at risk. How to order a fake University of Wisconsin-Superior diploma, buy fake University of Wisconsin-Superior degree, fake UW-Superior certificate, buy University of Wisconsin degree.

Jordan Milan, director of strategic communications at UW-Superior, said administration held several meetings over the last month in which leadership decided to suspend programs due in part to the low number of students enrolled in those majors and minors.

"It will allow us to offer more sections in programs that are very popular, so it just frees up those resources to put them where they’re needed most," she said.

Campus enrollment is up 3 percent this year, and Milan said there are no plans to layoff any faculty with the changes. Students will be able to finish their degrees in the suspended programs, but no new students will be enrolled.

Some of the majors that have been suspended include sociology, theater, journalism and political science. In addition, another 15 programs have been put "on warning." Milan said departments will be required to develop action plans to make changes to their curriculum, meet regional needs and be more "attractive for students."