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University of South Florida president Steve Currall on Wednesday moved to address mounting allegations on social media this week that numerous current and former students have suffered sexual violence in recent years and found little help when they complained to school officials. Make a fake University of South Florida transcript, buy fake University of South Florida diploma, fake USF transcript, fake college transcript.

In a statement issued on Twitter, Currall said he was “deeply troubled” by the accounts and has directed “a review of our internal processes to reinforce what we are doing well and identify where we can improve.”

The university, he said, also will move on several fronts to engage with fraternity and sorority leaders, as well as those in Student Government and the athletic department “to reaffirm our expectations and our goal to have campuses free of sexual violence.”

He said the allegations made by scores of women are “under review by the university offices that are best positioned and trained to respond.”

The announcement follows a series of events that escalated June 23 on Twitter, when Chelsea Engel, a 23-year-old former USF student, recounted a 2017 sexual assault. She named her alleged attacker and invited others to share similar stories.

Her post was retweeted hundreds of times, which led to others coming forward in tweets that were shared thousands of times. Engel’s direct messages were flooded with people saying they had experienced similar attacks.