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Buy fake Schiller International University transcript, order fake university transcript, buy fake college transcript, buy fake diploma and transcript. Schiller International University is a private for-profit university founded by Dr. Walter Leibrecht in Germany,1964. Later in 1967, two more campuses were constructed in Paris and Madrid. It started its campus in Tampa Bay Area, Florida in 1991. In 2010, Mr. Russel Palmer acquired the university. 

The mission of the university is to prepare the students personally and professionally for future leadership roles in an international setting. Students are provided with the competencies in the undergraduate and graduate degree programs which are needed for professional careers as well as for further academic study.

Particular emphasis is imparted in the educational process of developing international and cross-cultural competencies through foreign language training, intercampus transfer or other international academic opportunities and intense interaction among people with diverse backgrounds.

The university’s main motto is to unite people, nations, and culture through its education. It is located in four distinct places of the world. They are Paris in France, Heidelberg in Germany, Madrid in Spain, and Tampa in U.S.A.