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Northcentral University, a nonprofit, online institution focused on graduate education, has been regionally accredited since 2003. In 2020, NCU participated in WSCUC’s reaffirmation of accreditation institutional review process, including completion of a rigorous self-examination and peer evaluation procedure ensuring the institution substantially meets or exceeds the educational standards, academic expectations and best practices set by WSCUC. Through this process, NCU engaged in careful self-reflection in the context of the contemporary higher education landscape with a primary goal of continuous improvement, in a collaborative, transparent and inclusive environment. Where to order a fake Northcentral University diploma, replica Northcentral University degree, phony Northcentral University certificate, replica US university diploma, 制作美国北方中央大学毕业证.

The process of self-reflection was rigorous. In 2017, NCU established a plan for candid institutional self-assessment, institution-wide inclusion and participation, and a comprehensive communication and training strategy. In October 2020, NCU welcomed the WSCUC peer-review team, who spoke with more than 100 individuals representing NCU’s students, alumni, faculty and staff members. The collective commitment to accreditation by the WSCUC peer-review team, and NCU students, alumni, faculty and staff, resulted in a robust, engaging and positive reaffirmation of accreditation visit and process.