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UOP or University of the Pacific, previously known as the College of the Pacific and California Wesleyan College, is a private Methodist university established in 1851. The university was the very first medical school as well as the first conservatory of music on the West Coast. Make a fake University of the Pacific diploma, order fake University of the Pacific certificate, replica University of the Pacific certificate, buy replica diploma.

The university is also recognized by the WASC. The university has its campuses in the cities of San Francisco, Stockton, and Sacramento, California. It has its own liberal arts college, graduate school, school of health, sciences, pharmacy, law, music, international studies, engineering, education, dentistry, and school of business. Dave Brubeck who was the alumnus of the university released his live album called ‘Jazz at the College of the Pacific’. The university also contains the papers of John Muir, Environmental pioneer.

Being a comprehensive educational institution, the university offers student-focused programs that churn out deserving and outstanding graduates who leave a mark on society. A Biological Sciences Center worth $20 million was built by the university to provide advanced laboratory and advanced classroom facilities for students studying health sciences and natural sciences. The University of the Pacific offers many courses, consisting of more than 30 professional and graduate programs, 80 undergraduate courses, 12 accelerated programs and 11 schools and colleges. The university also offers student support services including financial insurance, student loans, counselling, health services, etc.