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How can I order a fake University of California Berkeley diploma, fake UC Berkeley diploma, buy University of California Berkeley degree, 购买伯克利加州大学毕业证, buy fake diploma in California. Often at the forefront of technology and innovation, the University of California, Berkeley is one of the most selective public schools int he nation and the oldest and most presigious of California’s 10 public universities in the University of California System. Berkeley fosters a rigorous academic environment with more than 350 degree programs to choose from and faculty who are consistently leaders in their field. Former faculty members include atomic bomb developer J. R. Oppenheimer. The university is also known for being the all-time leading producer of Peace Corps volunteers. Throughout history Berkeley has contributed to numerous major scientific breakthroughs such as the first flu vaccine, global malaria treatment and more recently CRISPR gene editing.

More than 65% of undergraduate students at Berkeley receive some form of financial assistance. Funded by nearly 900 different university and private philanthropy funds, every year over 3,000 students receive a Berkeley Undergraduate Scholarship. The university is home to numerous opportunities for student involvement, including more than 1,000 student groups on campus. The university also fosters some healthy competition through their annual Big Game football match against Stanford, when the two teams fight to win the Stanford Axe trophy. Berkeley graduates go on to be leaders in their field. The university boasts numerous notable alumni such as the cofounder of Apple Steve Wozniak, the cofounder of Intel Corporation Gordon Moore, MySpace creator Tom Anderson and the co-captain of U.S. Women’s soccer team Alex Morgan.