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The State University of New York at Stony Brook is a public research university founded in 1957 to train secondary school teachers in science and mathematics. It has since expanded into a research hub with sea grant and space grant designations. Undergraduates can choose from more than 200 majors, minors and combined-degree programs on the 1,454-acre Long Island campus. Stony Brook faculty have been awarded more than 600 U.S. patents, and annual research expenditures exceed $230 million. Overseas, Stony Brook students can study at SUNY Korea in Incheon, South Korea. The university also offers study abroad opportunities on six continents and in nearly 30 different countries. Students unwind on the last Friday of April at the Roth Pond Regatta, where student organizations and administrative offices race across a pond in boats made of cardboard and tape. buy fake SUNY diploma and transcript, buy fake Stony Brook University transcript, buy fake university transcript, order State University of New York transcript, replica official transcript. 

Stony Brook’s affordable tuition means less future debt and real savings that can help you pay for your graduate studies or any number of life passages yet to come. We offer high-achieving students a variety of merit scholarships, including special awards for Intel Science Talent Search and National Merit Scholarship finalists and semi-finalists, valedictorians and salutatorians. Apply early for fullest consideration of scholarship support. The Excelsior Scholarship, combined with other student financial aid programs, now allows qualified New York State residents to attend a SUNY college tuition-free.

Stony Brook faculty are leaders in significant national and worldwide projects, including uncovering the causes of lobster mortality in Long Island Sound, searching for the origins of man in Kenya’s Turkana Basin, and managing the national parks of Madagascar. They have made significant contributions to NASA initiatives, such as examining Martian minerals for evidence of life and other phenomena, and their work has led to such groundbreaking discoveries as a new species of mouse lemur, the smallest primate in the world; the cause of Lyme disease; and the invention of the MRI technology that won the Nobel Prize for Medicine. Stony Brook offers more than 200 undergraduate programs, 100 master’s programs and 40 doctoral programs.