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Purdue University Global is the name given to the old Kaplan University system. Kaplan University opened in 1937 in Iowa and served as a prep school that prepared students for working in the top industries in the region. Called the American Institute of Commerce, this school would later grow as it added new campuses across the country. Kaplan would later add online degree programs, which is what caught the attention of Purdue University. How to order a fake Purdue University Global diploma, replace Purdue University Global degree certificate, buy Purdue University Global certificate, buy fake US certificate.

Purdue, which operates several campuses in Indiana, wanted a new way to reach students and decided to take over the operations of the Kaplan system. It announced plans to take over its regional centers and online operations and followed through with those plans in 2018. Also called PG, it is now a distinct entity that is separate from Purdue University.


PG specializes in programs designed for working adults. It accepts those who spent years out of school and those who started and now want to finish a college degree. The university consists of seven schools that include the School of Business and Information Technology, School of Nursing and Open College. Students can earn two-year and four-year undergrad degrees and complete graduate and doctoral degrees online. PG also owns several regional campuses that offer opportunities for the more than 30,000 enrolled students.