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In United States education, a transcript is a copy of a student’s permanent academic record, which usually means all courses taken, all grades received, all honors received and degrees conferred to a student from the first day of school to the current school year. A transcript may also contain the number of people in a class, and the average grade of the class. An official transcript is prepared and sent by the issuing school usually by the Student Registrar with an original signature of a school official on the school letterhead and is sealed by the school. When students are thinking about changing schools, the cumulative transcripts get mailed from school to school. Transcripts usually consist of grades 9-12 when applying to colleges. Transcripts are most often issued and used at the high school (grades 9-12) and university levels. Buy fake transcript with envelope, buy fake sealed transcript, buy fake transcript with watermark, buy fake university transcript, buy academic transcript, fake academy transcript, fake examination record.

“Official Transcripts” are a special class of documents the Registrar’s office uses when adding credit information from other institutions to a student’s academic record. An “Official Transcript” is received directly from the issuing institution. A paper official transcript should include the college seal or its facsimile, date of issue, and an appropriate signature or facsimile. We consider most hand carried transcripts “official” as long as they are received sealed in their original tamper evident envelope with all security marks intact.

Special attention to procedures for handling official transcripts is required since “official” transcripts exposed outside of our chain of custody (e.g. the envelope is inadvertently opened by the student, or the document is hand carried in an exposed fashion by a student worker), are considered spoiled and cannot be used to update a student’s record.