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Starting off in 1885 as a small school for training teachers, Arizona State University, with its main campus in Tempe, has transformed into one of the largest public research universities with six campuses across the state. ASU enrolled over 100,000 students for the first time in 2017; in fall 2018, the total number of students on campus and online was more than 111,000, with around 38,000 of these students online. The school has offers over 350 undergraduate majors and has a high-ranking honors college. Buy fake Arizona State University diploma, fake Arizona State University degree, buy fake ASU diploma, buy fake ASU degree, order Arizona State University degree certificate.

The most popular programs include biological sciences, business and computer science. The university has a “students first” approach and is dedicated to research; the Research I facility had $618 million in research expenditures in the 2018 fiscal year and has doubled its research funding over the past decade, including working with NASA. Additionally, ASU opened a location in Washington, D.C., in 2018. Students have plenty of activities to choose from, whether taking part in some of over 1,000 student groups and more than 70 Greek life organizations or simply taking a walk down the infamous Palm Walk. The Sun Devils have over 14 athletic facilities, and have won 60 Olympic medals and 141 team championships. ASU is a top producer of Peace Corps volunteers and Teach for America teachers, as well as Silicon Valley hires.
As a New American University, Arizona State University (ASU) has developed a new model for the American Research University. In the newly released 2016 U.S. News & World Report college rankings, ASU topped the list of ‘most innovative schools.’ Measuring itself by those it includes, not excludes, ASU is blending technology and traditional lecture-based classrooms to meet evolving student needs.