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How to order a fake Cleveland State University diploma, fake Cleveland State University degree, fake CSU certificate, buy fake diploma Cleveland. The origin of the Cleveland State University (CSU) dates back to the 1880s when the Cleveland YMCA started offering evening and day courses to underprivileged students. In 1906, the YMCA program was reorganized as the Association Institute, which became Fenn College in 1929. Cleveland State University was established as a state-aided institution in 1964 and it adopted the campus, curriculum, and staff of Fenn College. At present, the university holds the accreditation of the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Also, its various programs are accredited by different prestigious organizations. The institution comprises of 10 schools and colleges dedicated to diverse fields of education.

Situated in the center of downtown Cleveland, the CSU main campus is spread across 85 acres and includes more than 40 buildings. The campus has a top-notch infrastructure that offers first-rate facilities. The nineteen-story Rhodes Tower is home to University Library, several faculty offices, and spacious classrooms. Apart from academic amenities, the campus offers facilities to play various sports like basketball, golf, fencing, soccer, wrestling, swimming, lacrosse, tennis, softball and volleyball. It also houses Mather Mansion, Fenn Tower and a 110,000 sq. ft Student Recreation Centre that features modern exercise equipment, group fitness classes, and facilities for other extracurricular activities.

CSU offers over 1,000 graduate, undergraduate, honors, professional certificate and continuing education courses in around 200 fields like accounting, sports, anthropology, arts, design, sciences, business, communication, engineering, economics, education, film, mathematics, nursing, philosophy, pharmacy, psychology, social work, etc. It has 511 qualified faculty members and around 17,730 students including over 1,400 foreign students. The university houses around 200 professional, honorary, social and cultural student organizations.