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ACCA teamed up with Oxford Brookes University to offer all eligible students (essentially mostly those who registered within the last 10 years*) the fantastic opportunity to obtain a BSc Honours degree in Applied Accounting, a qualification that is recognised worldwide. Most UK university bachelor degrees take 3 years to complete but by joining forces, the ACCA and OBU present a ‘fast-track’ way of getting those all important BSc letters after your name, but without any real short-cuts! While you have been toiling over all of your ACCA exams you have been demonstrating technical accounting skills – just like students on Accounting and Finance courses offered by other Universities. Order a fake Oxford Brookes University degree, buy fake ACCA certificate, order fake degree in applied accounting, order fake accounting certificate.

So once you have reached the required level* of exam passes, you normally automatically become eligible (unless you have specifically opted out and decided not to join the programme) to enter for the degree and the opportunity to receive a university qualification in addition to the accountancy qualification on offer by ACCA.

Most students are able to fulfil the OBU requirements in 3 months! This does entail a fair amount of concentrated effort but is realistically achievable for the average student. To pass you need to submit a Research & Analysis Project (RAP) – a formal written 7,500 word report – on one of 20 set topics which meets OBU’s academic requirements, together with a 2,000 word ‘Skills & Learning Statement’ (basically a self-reflection on how you covered the overall RAP objectives and how the process has helped you improve your study habits, communication and potential study/job prospects).