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It is committed to the end goal of ensuring each student is career ready, and its academic staff work closely with industry to ensure their courses are relevant and targeted to employer needs. This focus means that 94% of graduates rapidly find employment – one of the highest rates in Ireland.

It is not just the content of IT Sligo degrees that is tailored to student and employer needs, it is also the style of teaching. With just 6,000 students and 470 staff, the student to teacher ratio is very low. This allows for one-on-one mentoring and supportive tutoring relationships with a sharp focus on individual success.

Flexibility is also part of this individualised learning approach, with 30 per cent of the students enrolled (around 2,000) studying online. This makes IT Sligo the number one digital online campus in Ireland.

The €60 million investment in IT Sligo’s campus facilities over the last decade has created a stunning 21st century learning environment.

IT Sligo has developed a number of distance learning options, and as of 2016 reportedly had 1,800 online learners registered on various online programmes. Since then this has increased to approximately 3000 online learners. In sports, the college has active ladies’ soccer and men’s Gaelic football teams, the latter winning the Sigerson Cup three times during the six years up to 2005. The college also caters for other sports such as indoor soccer, hang gliding, surfing and rugby.