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Also called LJMU, Liverpool John Moores University is an open research university. Its history dates back to 1823 when Liverpool Mechanics’ School of Arts was formed. The school was later converted into Liverpool Polytechnic. In 1992, it received university status to become Liverpool John Moores University. Notably, the university is officially associated with the Northern Consortium, University Alliance and the European University Association. How to order fake Liverpool John Moores University degree and transcript, make fake Liverpool John Moores University transcript, buy a fake LJMU certificate, make fake UK degree with transcript, 制作利物浦约翰摩尔大学证书.

Situated in Liverpool, England, the university offers academic facilities through its 3 campuses namely City Campus, I M Marsh Campus and Mount Pleasant Campus. The city campus consists of some of the major buildings and departments. The Mount Pleasant Campus is home to the Faculty of Law and Business. I M Marsh Campus is located in Aigburth and houses the Community, Education, and Leisure faculty. All three campuses are equipped with modern facilities.

It offers education through its 5 faculties. In 2016-17, the university admitted more than 22,400 students including over 18,300 were undergraduate students and more than 4,000 were postgraduate students, making it the 35th largest university across the country by total student population. Further, it boasts of a lively community of more than 23,000 students representing over 100 countries worldwide. Also, students are provided for learning under the guidance of 2,400 staff members. The university offers 250-degree programs that make it one of the most dynamic and forward-thinking institutions of higher education in the country.