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Buy a fake Cambridge ESOL certificat, order fake Cambridge CPE certificate in UK, purchase fake Cambridge language certificate. English examinations are known all over the world and are accepted by universities, employers and education authorities in many countries as evidence of the required standards in English. Cambridge English has a wide range of examinations for learners, covering general and/or academic use, business use and young learners.

The Cambridge English examinations shown on this page are amongst the world’s best known qualifications for learners of English. Each examination covers the four main language skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing – and assesses the ability to use a variety of structures and functions in authentic situations. Assessment of Cambridge examinations is linked to the Common European Framework.

KET (Key English Test) CEF Level A2

This is an examination that provides an initial learning objective for adolescents and adults, enabling learners to meet their basic communication needs in English. It is the first step on the ladder of the five level Cambridge Main Suite examinations.

PET (Preliminary English Test) CEF Level B1

This is an examination that tests the language skills needed to survive in social and work situations in an English-speaking environment.

FCE (First Certificate in English) CEF Level B2

This is an examination at an intermediate level that requires competence in all the language skills. It is widely recognised in commerce and industry, and by educational institutions in Britain and overseas as proof of language ability at an intermediate level.

CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) CEF Level C1

This is an examination at an advanced level that is suitable for people who require English for professional or study purposes. There is an emphasis on real-world tasks. It is also recognised by the majority of British universities as fulfilling English Language entrance requirements.

CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English) CEF Level C2

This is an examination at an advanced level that is recognised as fulfilling English language requirements by British universities and for business and academic purposes overseas.