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Chartered Certified Accountant is the professional body’s main qualification. Following completion of up to 13 professional examinations, three years of supervised, relevant accounting experience and an ethics module, it enables an individual to become a Chartered Certified Accountant. The ACCA professional examinations are offered worldwide four times yearly in March, June, September and December as paper-based exams. On-demand computer-based exams (CBE) are also offered for the first four exams (AB, MA, FA, LW), and Session CBEs for the rest (PM, TX, FR, AA, FM) which are available to be taken at ACCA licensed exam centres. A Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in Applied Accounting (after completing the Fundamentals level of the exams, the Ethics and Professional Skills module and submitting a Research and Analysis project), is offered in association with Oxford Brookes University. Buy fake ACCA certificate, order a fake ACCA member certificate, buy fake ACCA Fellow certificate, fake ACCA diploma, buy ACCA Advance Diploma, order fake ACCA professional level certificate, how to buy fake ACCA certificate in UK? buy fake ACCA certificate in UAE, how to obtain ACCA certificate without exams.

From September 2018 onward, the syllabus comprises 13 examinations and an Ethics and Professional Skills module,(EPSM) although some exemptions are available. April 2019 a Data Analytics unit was added in EPSM .

The qualification is structured in three modules, plus an Ethics and Professional Skills module and a Professional Experience Requirement (PER).