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Where to order fake Tunku Abdul Rahman College diploma, buy fake TARC degree, order fake Malaysia diploma, fake TAR UC diploma. Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC) is a large private university in Malaysia. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ng Swee Chin, Vice-President for Academic and Research at TAR UC, explains: “With digital technologies sweeping into Malaysia, we identified an opportunity to contribute to the country’s economic growth while delivering greater value to our students. How? By providing big data analytics tools to our students, and encouraging them to use the technology to help small, local businesses flourish.”

TAR UC decided to establish a Big Data Analytics Lab for undergraduate and post-graduate students undertaking research and teaching programs. The university planned to invite SMEs to team up with undergraduate and post-graduate students to develop proof of concepts designed around their individual business needs, bringing cutting-edge technology to local companies and giving students valuable industry experience.

In the past 18 months, more than 12 SMEs have engaged in proof of concept projects with TAR UC and its post-graduate students, with some already entering pilot stages. Currently, the university and its students are busy with three different projects: Smart IoT, Smart Agriculture, and Industry 4.0.

Dr. Ng Swee Chin explains: “The Smart IoT project features EzRide, a student-created mobile app which enables students to check the arrival and departure times of campus buses in real time, helping them to coordinate their daily schedules. Our students are very excited by this application, and we think that the underlying technology has great potential in the commercial sector.