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Steps to make a fake Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln urkunde, order Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln diploma, false German Sport University Cologne degree, buy fake Germany urkunde. The German Sport University Cologne (DSHS, Spoho) is the only German sport university . It emerged from the German University for Physical Education (DHfL), which was founded in 1920 by Carl Diem and August Bier in Berlin.

The founding rector of Cologne University in 1947 was also Carl Diem, who remained rector until his death in 1962. Heiko K. Strüder has been Rector of the DSHS since May 20, 2014, and Marion Steffen has been Chancellor since mid-August 2020. The rectorate is supplemented by the vice rectorsfor studies, teaching and quality management (PR 1), research, academic staff and young talent (PR 2), planning, resources and appointments (PR 3), knowledge and technology transfer (PR 4) as well as for communication, digitization and diversity (PR 5 ).

The university is located in the Müngersdorf district of Cologne , right next to the large Cologne sports park, which is home to the Rheinenergiestadion (formerly Müngersdorfer Stadion). Measured by the number of scientific institutes, the scientific disciplines represented and the students enrolled, the DSHS is the largest sports university in the world. The university emblem shows a Greek temple with four pillars. These stand for the strong, the true, the good and the beautiful. The office of the European College of Sport Science, founded in Nice in 1995, is affiliated to the university .