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Western University is the founding member of the U15 – a group of Canada’s most distinguished research universities and ranks among the top 1% universities worldwide. As one of the top educational institutes in Canada, it has one of the highest national entrance averages of first year students at 90.6%. It has also one of the highest first to second year retention rates in Canada at 93.6%. Where to order a fake university of western ontario degree, buy fake UWO diploma, make a fake Western University diploma, make a fake Canada diploma, 购买韦仕敦大学毕业证.

The University is home to over 40,000 students including 5,800 International students from 128 countries. International aspirants looking forward to making applications with Western must have a highly competitive GPA (70%). Getting admissions with Western also requires you to have LORs and answer some supplementary questions based on the choice of program.

Western currently has three affiliated University colleges namely; King’s University College, Brescia University college and Huron University College. The Western University has 12 faculties that offers 400 programs including both majors and minors. Among the most popular courses at the university is MBA. MBA is offered by Richard Ivey B-school of the university. Applications to MBA at Western are invited in multiple rounds. Currently, the last closing round for the same is September 20, 2021.

Western University offers both on-campus and off-campus housing facilities to suit diverse lifestyles of students. The on-campus residence has an advantage of staying close to classes and other facilities provided by the University. There are three kinds of on-campus housing like Residence, Western Apartments and Western summer accommodations.