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The University of Manitoba is a non-denominational university, founded by Alexander Morris, that received a charter on February 28, 1877, becoming the first university to be established in all of western Canada.[5] It officially opened on June 20, 1877 to confer degrees on students graduating from its three founding colleges: St. Boniface College (Roman Catholic/Francophone), St John’s College (Anglican), and Manitoba College (Presbyterian). The U of M would grant its first degrees in 1880. Where to order a fake University of Manitoba transcript, buy University of Manitoba certificate, make a fake University of Manitoba diploma, make a fake Canada university transcript, 制作曼尼托巴大学成绩单.

The University would add a number of colleges to its corporate and associative body since. In 1882, the Manitoba Medical College, founded by physicians and surgeons, became a part of the University. The College’s Bacteriological Research Building would be designed by architect Charles Henry Wheeler in 1897,[11] while the Science Building, between 1899–1900 by architect George Creeford Browne.

In 1901, the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba would change the University Act so as to allow the University to do its own teaching. In 1905, a building in downtown Winnipeg became the University’s first teaching facility, with a staff of six science professors. The governance would be modeled on the provincial University of Toronto Act (1906), which would establish a bicameral system of university government consisting of a senate (faculty), who are responsible for academic policy, and a board of governors (citizens), who exercise exclusive control over financial policy and have formal authority in all other matters. The president, appointed by the board, was to provide a link between the two bodies and to perform institutional leadership.