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Queen’s is one of Canada’s oldest degree-granting universities and a contemporary hub of academic research in Kingston, Canada. It is also home of 2015 Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Arthur B. McDonald. Where to buy fake Queen’s University diploma, order Queen’s University degree, get fake Queen’s University certificate, 制作女王大学文凭.

The university is among the top medical-doctoral universities in Canada. Its university- and faculty-based research centres provide dynamic, collaborative settings for scholars. Queen’s researchers lead the way in numerous fields, making notable advances recently in particle astrophysics, cancer research, art conservation, geotechnical engineering, biodiversity, and clean energy technology.

Welcoming and supporting students from all countries and backgrounds to a vibrant, safe, and supportive community is an important part of the Queen’s experience. Diverse perspectives and a wealth of experience enrich our campus and our community. A core part of our mission is to engage our students, staff, and faculty in international learning and research, both at home and abroad.

Nestled in the heart Kingston in eastern Ontario, where Lake Ontario flows into the St. Lawrence River, Queen’s is conveniently located about 200 km from Canada’s capital city of Ottawa, about 250 km from the centre of our provincial capital of Toronto, and about 300 km from Montréal, Québec.