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VU aims to reshape the Australian tertiary system by promoting the importance of active, collaborative, engaged and flexible education for all. To deliver education the VU way—its ethos—the University conducted its largest transformation in history, completely reforming the teaching and learning experience. Order fake Victoria University degree, buy a Victoria University diploma, order fake VU degree, replica VU diploma, fake Australian degree, buy fake degree in Australia.

The University did this by scrapping the traditional semester—whereby students learn four units over two 13-week semesters—to make way for a ‘Block Model’ that teaches students in short bursts, allowing them to focus on one unit over four weeks before moving onto the next. The format was initially introduced to first-year students, however unprecedented buy-in at all levels saw VU accelerate its deployment to every year group.

VU’s transformation makes it the first Australian university to introduce the Block Model.

But it’s one thing to introduce a new model, and another to ensure it adds value to the student experience. When VU mapped its ambitious goals, it recognised it would take more than just some crafty timetabling to make the Block Model work. The University recognised it would not only need to redevelop all the curriculum, but deliver its new-look units as part of a personalised package wrapped into digital services to promote flexible learning.

Having first introduced the D2L Brightspace learning management system (LMS) in 2014, VU already had the foundation on which to build its new model for higher education—it just needed to be fit-for-newpurpose. The University therefore set out to equip students for the changing world of work; one in which graduates are expected to have practical, real-world applicable skills and the ability to manage the pressures of working environments.